10 Best Restaurants in Upper East Side

10 Best Restaurants in Upper East Side

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  • 04/2/24

When it comes to upscale dining in New York City, few neighborhoods rival the sophistication and culinary diversity of the Upper East Side. From quaint bistros to Michelin-starred establishments, this affluent enclave boasts a plethora of delights for every palate. If you're seeking the crème de la crème of dining experiences, look no further than these handpicked selections of the best restaurants in the Upper East Side.


Located on 65th Street, Daniel Boulud's eponymous restaurant, Daniel, stands as a beacon of French culinary excellence in the heart of the Upper East Side. With its impeccable service and refined ambiance, Daniel offers modern French cuisine, earning it a well-deserved spot among the top restaurants in Upper East Side.

Café Boulud

A sister establishment to Daniel, Café Boulud offers a more casual yet equally exquisite dining experience. Nestled within The Surrey Hotel on East 76th Street, this charming bistro showcases Chef Boulud's signature blend of French flair and seasonal American ingredients, making it a beloved fixture among locals and visitors alike.

The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges

Situated within the iconic Mark Hotel, The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges embodies understated elegance and culinary innovation. Helmed by acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, this Michelin-starred gem presents a menu that seamlessly fuses European and Asian influences, promising a truly unforgettable dining affair in the heart of Upper East Side.

Sant Ambroeus Madison Avenue

For those craving authentic Italian fare, Sant Ambroeus Madison Avenue delivers an unparalleled dining experience. From delectable pastas to mouthwatering desserts, this beloved trattoria on Madison Avenue offers a taste of Milan in the heart of New York City, earning its status as one of the premier restaurants in Upper East Side.

Crown Shy

While not located directly within the Upper East Side, Crown Shy on Pine Street deserves a mention for its culinary excellence and close proximity to the neighborhood. Helmed by Chef James Kent, this modern American restaurant boasts an innovative menu crafted from locally sourced ingredients, making it a worthy destination for discerning food enthusiasts from the Upper East Side and beyond.

The Penrose

For a more laid-back yet equally satisfying dining experience, The Penrose on Second Avenue is a go-to destination. With its cozy ambiance and diverse menu offerings ranging from hearty burgers to artisanal cocktails, this gastropub captures the essence of neighborhood charm while delivering exceptional flavors that keep patrons coming back for more.


Tucked away on Second Avenue, Uva transports diners to the enchanting streets of Italy with its rustic yet refined cuisine. Whether indulging in homemade pastas or savoring fresh seafood, guests can expect an authentic Italian dining experience complemented by warm hospitality, making it a beloved culinary destination in the Upper East Side.

The East Pole

Embracing the farm-to-table ethos, The East Pole on East 65th Street offers a seasonal menu that celebrates the bounties of local produce and sustainable ingredients. With its cozy ambiance and emphasis on culinary craftsmanship, this charming eatery has carved a niche for itself among the discerning diners of Upper East Side.

Sushi of Gari 46

Elevating the art of sushi to new heights, Sushi of Gari 46 on East 46th Street offers an omakase experience that delights the senses. Renowned for its inventive sushi creations and impeccable quality, this intimate dining spot promises a journey through the vibrant flavors of Japanese cuisine, earning its place among the top restaurants in Upper East Side.

Le Bilboquet

Capturing the essence of Parisian chic, Le Bilboquet on East 60th Street is a beloved destination for upscale French dining in the Upper East Side. From classic bistro fare to indulgent desserts, this stylish brasserie exudes timeless elegance and culinary excellence, making it a must-visit for connoisseurs of fine dining.

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